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wholesale-icecream.com in Chiang Mai. We sell ice cream in Chiang Mai: ice cream, Italian gelato, sherbet, low fat ice cream, Japanese ice cream.
Ice cream gelato flavors are ice cream milk based. The production is maden batch by batch and the overrun is not more than 25%. Fresh milk and fresh whipping cream is used along other ingredients.
Sherbet or sorbet or sorbetto from Italian language is ice cream water base: without milk. Usually fruit ice cream. Sherbet are low fat. The main ingredients are fresh fruit and different kind of sugars.
Japanese ice cream are ice cream with a character as a flavor. You can find also wasabi flavors!
Thai ice cream and yogurt ice cream are also available. Try also some of our special gelato like the new charcoal ice cream obtained from selected parts of semi-ashes of pregiate Japanese plants. As it contain natural plant parts and milk protein somebody use it as a cream. We really not suggest to do it. Ice cream is refrshing food!

Italian gelato: Amaretto Cassata Croccantino Gianduia Hazelnut Pistacchio Dolce latte Zabaglione Tiramisu' Chocolate Chocolate chips White chocolate White chocolate chips White chocolate chips
Ice cream: Vanilla bean Coffee Caramel Mocha chips Mint chips Cookies and cream Rum & raisin Strawberry milk Blueberry milk Banana caramel Banana & strawberry Chocolate fudge
Yogurt gelato: Yogurt blueberry Yogurt raspberry Yogurt strawberry Yogurt orangeYogurt raspberry
Japanese gelato: Green tea Vs Wasabi Japanese melon Vanilla sesame Red beans
Special gelato: Blueberry cheesecake Strawberry cheesecake Honey nut crash Almond espresso Durian
Thai ice cream: Coconut Young Coconut
Sherbet: Strawsberry Blueberry Banana Lemon Orange Kiwi Wild berry Raspberry Passion fruit Chocolate Dark Sherbet Pineapple Lychee Mango

About ice cream flavors
How the ice creams get a nice taste and a specific flavor?
Ice cream usually contain 10% milk fat, 20% total solids from milk, suitable sweeteners, emulsifiers and stabilizers to keep the ice cream creamy and smooth. Then also some flavoring materials like fruit puree, fruit concentrate, ice cream paste and powders.
The milk fat provides creaminess and richness to the gelato and contributes to not become a piece of ice when frozen under -20 degree Celsius. To increase the texture we add whipping cream in some flavors.
Sugars (sucrose, glucose and dextrose) are used to provide sweetness in ice cream. The combination of these kinds of sugars and proportions are the secret to get a good ice cream and are also the fundament for a nice sherbet.
Stabilizers are proteins or carbs used in ice cream to control ice crystallization. Emulsifiers are used to help keep the fat evenly dispersed in the ice cream so that during production the ice cream can incorporate some air (20/25% maximum in our gelato) that give even more soft sensation at low temperatures.
The flavorings used in our ice cream and gelato are countless. Flavorings include natural flavors, fresh fruit, honey, syrup, paste, jam, chocolate powder, vanilla powder, chocolate butter, buttermilk, milk whey, caramel, vanilla infusion, cheese, tea powder, fresh coffee, dried fruit, fruit puree, tea leaf and some plant leaf or extract, centrifuged fruit juice and much more. Moreover inclusions of hard food pieces such as chocolate, candies, cookies, crushed cake, nuts and some small bakery parts.

You can also request a special ice cream or gelato or sherbet you like. We can produce it for you. Minimum order 9kg. The latest request that we accomplished:
Pina colada ice cream
Saffron ice cream
Ginger ice cream
Olive oil sherbet
Oliang (Thai coffee) gelato
NEW: Ice Age Pineapple Sorbet

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We remind you that Ice Age ice cream is an accurate blend of fresh milk, whipped cream, fresh fruit, selected cocoa powders and vanilla beans, depending on the flavors, that will give you nice fresh sensations.

Ice cream freezer for 10 flavors
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All the new ice cream recipes are tested from a long time before entering the market. But for special request we just follow and mix customer requirements and chef experience. So the result can be quite unusual. So if you want something original just try it!

Spaghetti ice cream is also something strange. You just need a press and you can shape your ice cream in spaghetti...

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Our ice cream ideas: Italian recipes, gelato style, Thai traditions. Ice cream in Chiang Mai.